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Re: VMware Problem

>  Has anyone ever tried out VMWare?
    i have used vmware extensively. with both linux and win2k as host os. it
works as advertised.....

>  Well I managed to install linux as a guest OS on my NT box.
>  But I cant access the network through the guest Linux nor can i get to
> XWindows.
    have you configured vmware for bridged networking. withought bridged
networking vmware does not do networking. also what version of vmware are
you using.. i hav successfully installed red linux 7.0 as a guest os under
vmware on win2k. and i have never had any problems... you wud configure the
networking in the guest os as u wud do for a stand alone system, if u r
using bridged networking.. also since xwindows is not working, i think that
you might not hav set up networking properly on yr linux box!

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