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Re: Serial Driver and TTY Driver

     Manish, I need something detail like Terminal Drivers in Maurice J. 
     Bach book or Terminal Handling in Samuel J. Leffler book. I Couldn't 
     find such material there in linuxhq.com. Any other suggestion.

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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Serial Driver and TTY Driver
Author:  mverma (mverma@xxxxxxxxxxx) at internet
Date:    2/5/01 12:01 PM

i personally found www.linuxhq.com a good one you can also try this.
anup-kumar.das@xxxxxx wrote:
>      Hi,
>      Can anybody help me by giving some tips about Serial Driver and TTY 
>      Driver architecture in LINUX or some Web Link that describes them in 
>      Detail.
>      Best Regards,
>      Anup
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