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Re: Page demanded executable

Hello Manas,

What I can understand from your mail is that you have some library
which is in a.out format.  Your programs run with this library but
crash occasionally.  Is it so?  If yes, I think that the library you
have is linked with a different version of libc than the one you have.
If you have the source of the library, recompile it.  Else, try
contacting the library author for your specific problem.


>>>>> "Manas" == Manas Kr Mallik(S Y ) <mkmallik@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Manas> Hi lokesh, thanks a lot, you don't but i'm a friend of
    Manas> vipin.  actually in our office also we came to same
    Manas> conclusion.  we compiled the kernal for a.out support.we
    Manas> also downloaded the source and compiled it it took a lot of
    Manas> time since the program we were trying to compiled used SUIT
    Manas> whit inturn used srgp library. the program is called kpe80
    Manas> and we downloaded from ftp site phon.ucl.ac.uk i require
    Manas> the kpe80 for my project in speech synthesis.

    Manas> the problem is not solved yet, program is giving core dump
    Manas> when we are trying to run with 16 bit colour it is running
    Manas> with 8 bit colour but corrupting the colour table.output is
    Manas> also not stable.could i run it in 16 bit colour mode .

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