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Re: help required for installation of red hat 6.2

you should keep 3 GB patition as non-DOS. that is, 3GB of disk space should
not be converted to any DOS
supported partitions.

than during installation convert non-DOS partition to linux native file
system partition by making using of the
utility in the package for doing so.

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Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 2:14 AM
Subject: [linux-delhi] help required for installation of red hat 6.2

HI everyone
 I am tring to install red hat 6.2 on a 17 gb hard disk, my hard disk has 4
partions of 3 gb.
I tried to install linux on one of the partion which is win fat formatted,
when i gave it a mount point of / at /hda7 installer gave me a warning
that you are trying to install linux on windows partion which will slow the
Can any one tell me how can i format a win fat formatted partion to linux
native so that my linux amchine would work to optimum value.
I also need to know how can i configure 810 chipset for x-server and onboard
sound card of 810 as i own one.

Hoping for reply

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