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Re: Page demanded executable

Hi Vipin,

>>>>> "vipin" ==   <" <pandeyvip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> writes:

    vipin> Hi everyone A friend of mine has asked me how to execute a
    vipin> "Page execuatable file". Actually he had downloaded a file
    vipin> from the internet and tried to execute it. He could not
    vipin> execute the file even though the file has execute
    vipin> permissions.  Using the "file" command the file is shown to
    vipin> be "Page demanded executable. Please help him.

Demand-paged executable files are really outdated now.  If you wish to
use them, your kernel has to be compiled for a.out support.  Most
stock kernels in distributions have module support for this, you have
to load the module binfmt_aout.o for this.

Please note that loading this module is not enough, you will also need
the old linker /lib/ld.so and old a.out libc which are not included
nowadays in the distributions.

Perhaps the only noteworthy a.out program for which I could not find
an ELF equivalent was ID software's DOOM.  Are you also stuck with the
same program?


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