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ISP Equipment for SALE

Hi there,
We have some ISP EQUIPMENT for sale.

We are selling:
33.6k modem racks (12 - 16) modems per 19'' chassis. Ellcons.

I have 2 of these for sale at the moment. Each unit can take 16 modems, but
a few modems are temperamental / damaged, although this does not affect the
functionality of the unit, as modems each have there own serial connectors.

The above are selling for $500NZ + Freight to whereever you are.

Cyclades Multiport Serial Cards - 115200 baud, with 2x16 port boards, 1 x
connecting cable and 1 x ISA or PCI card.

These boards have built in RISC CPU's, and work great under Linux.

Second hand Units. Worth over $2000 new wholesale.

We are selling the Cyclades for $650 + Freight to whereever you are.