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Lan card not getting sensed after some time.

Dear Friends,

Some times I am facing a problem with the lan card.
both in RH6.2 & RH 7.0. suddenly the lan card is
not working ( it has worked for some time ) and when 
we reboot, it says initialization failed at the time 
of sensing eth0.

If I try to do Netconfig, as soon as I enter the
IP & .., the window vanishes immediately
( where as the lan is getting configured, it takes
a little amount of time )

This has happened in Compex, Intel & Real tek lan
cards. One or two cases, We have found that the
lan card works in Windows.

Has any body faced this problem ?

Is there any way to scan for the existing
network cards?

Any other solutions..

Thanks in advance

Yours sincerely,

R Kannan.