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Comparison of Red Hat Linux with other operating system

Hi everybody!!

I need some information urgently!
I want some information on the comparison of 
Linux with other operating systems.
I tried searching some sites but I couldn't
get adequate information.
The comparison should be on the basis of 
following parameters:
--Range of compatible hardware  
--Minimal hardware 
--Representative cost of minimal hardware  
--DCOM support 
--VB vendor support 
--Oracle vendor support Announced for 1999 
--Average downtime 
--64-bit-readiness (sources portable to 64-bit OS)  
--Remote administration 
--Multi-processing capabilities 
--Symmetric multiprocessing(SMP)  
--Clustering maturity 
--Clustering limit 
--IP Security (IPSec) 
--Hardware bugs (F0 0F,div, ...)patched 
--Reboot required for installations 
--Overall user satisfaction 
--Source code readily available  
--Java developer tools 
--Corporate acceptance 
--Installed base 
--VolanoMark 2.0.0 JVM performance 

I need all this information from a authentic source!
Can any of you suggest a site where I can find any such information??
Note: I need to prove Linux as the best operating system amongst all!

Thanx in advance