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Re: lilo problem

Well I suffered the same problem. 
you should not make your primary win partition bigger than a 1024 cylinder. 
(I have a 20 GB and 1024 cylinders comes to approx 7200MB)
So I made my primary 7GB and kept the rest for Linux. 

One way - MAke ur primary partition smaller.

Second way - 
You can make a primary partition small say 2047 MB and using Linux installer 
make a /boot partition first and then further win partitions (also called Dos 
Extendedwhich you can later format using windows, though even Linux can do 
that!!) and Linux root, swap etc using Linux Disk Druid. 

Hope this helps.

Goldwyn :o)

On Friday 26 January 2001 04:05, Vivek Malik wrote:
> hi,
> i am having a 10 gb hard disk with 2.5 gb dedicated to linux...i have
> installed linux but lilo is giving problem and it is because no of
> cylinders is greater than 1024...
> please suggest me a solution...
> thanx,
> vivek malik