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Re: x-windows programing

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek khurana <vivekkhurana_in@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> Hi everyone :-) Can anyone tell me how can i learn
    Vivek> x-windows programing.  I had been using linux and unix for
    Vivek> a year and i know c and c++ if anyone knows some good book
    Vivek> or some website from where i can learn x-windows programing
    Vivek> .I don't know any kind of windows programing Please help me
    Vivek> bye vivek

Hi Vivek,

Be watchful as you go to buy books on X-windows programming.  Books
with that title will probably contain Xlib and Motif programming.
Motif is an old GUI toolkit for X.  However, during the past few years
a lot of better toolkits have been created, namely Gtk+ and Qt.  Most
of the linux software currently is written with either of these two
toolkits.  Programs like xmms and GIMP are written using Gtk+, while
Opera and Licq are written using Qt.  Take your pick.

For Gtk+, there is an Indian edition available for a book "Learn Gtk+
programming in 21 days".  Although I normally detest the books which
claim to teach you a skill in a short timeframe, this book is well
written (more importantly, written by an open-source zealot :).  I
will recommend this book to you.

For Qt, I cannot remember any Indian edition book.  However, there is
a lot of online help from http://www.kde.org and other sites.  

Hope this helps,