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Re: securing html forms

your best bet wud be to use post method with ssl. But if u need to use ssl,
u need to get a secure server certificate, which is tied to your machine's
domain name. Though u can sign your own certificate, the browser will flash
a nasty warning sign to the user. Also ssl takes a heavy toll on the
server.. so be careful about using ssl!!!
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> hi !
> I wanna secure my html forms.
> I'll be using apache.
> my cgi is in c.
> currently i'm using post method in da html.
> I dunno wats the best thing to do.
> write my own encrypting script within the HTML ? use SSL if possible ?
> I know transmitting info in plain from html form to my cgi is unsafe.
> also is there any kinda ready made thing availble to do such things..(and
> which is free also ofcourse) ;o)
> thanx !
> aiwa ! :o)
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