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Re: PErformance comparison ??

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 12:10:57AM +0530, Pankaj Kaushal merrily said:
> Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
> > 
> > In a recent FreeBSD ad, it was claimed that FreeBSD is fully binary
> > compatible with linux, is more stable and runs many linux apps faster than
> > Linux.
> well what ever you run please refer to GNU applications as
> GNU applications not linux application its a humble request.

I _meant_ Linux apps. That stands for any app(GNU or otherwise) which
runds on the Linux platform- to be more exact that uses the Linux
kernel. Do not insinuate that the only apps that runs on Linux are the
GNU ones. Even though GNU apps form the backbone of the Linux
platforms(and I an indebted to the GNU folks for that) there is more
to Linux than GNU.


Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com