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Re: ppp(LCP problem)

Arun <arunper@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have put up a ppp server and a ppp client in RH6.2
> On my client connecting to the server The client can successfully
> connect to the dial in server. But on starting the pppd the error
> log reports and error
> " LCP :  timeout sending config request "
> could someone please elaborate on it.
> I need the solution urgently

I was plagued by this error earlier and found it to be an improperly
configured modem (IRQ conflict). I solved the problem after following a long
faqchest.com thread. I have lost the original URL, but given below is part
of the final post of that thread. I hope it helps. If and when you solve the
problem, do tell me what made it work.

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Subject: Re: cm108 and (.) LCP: COMPLETE SUCCESS
X-Url: http://www.redhat.com/
From: Thierry de Villeneuve <thierryv@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 23:43:25 -0800

GUYS, YOU'RE ALL GREAT!  I've got it to work.

I call this a efficient problem solving session (better than some of our
Juran or 8D meetings sometime at
the office).

Ok, lets recap it:

Problem:  Can't open a connection


  - Very slow access to the modem. taks 10" to get each
    AT commands to go throught.

  - Getting the LCP timeout at the end of the modem connection

  - Can't run ifup ppp0 after booting if I don't relink the modem
    device to the right ttySn: "Failed to activate ppp0 with error 29".

  - 8-Bit non clean ...

  - chat (alarm) ... (chat script to be cleaned)

Hints and feedbacks:

  - Possible IRQ conflicts

  - setserial not invoked

  - Checking with PAP and "text" protocol

On my last post. after checking with setserial -a /dev/ttyS2 I saw this IRQ
4. This triggered a flash. Ihave not set the jumpers to IRQ 3 or 4 as
they're already assigned. Possible 5, 10 or 11. Go for 11 from
the top of my mind (I put the box together at Christmas).

With "ej" and Oisin last suggestion, I really understood that the IRQ
conflict is the root cause of the

I've craked open the box and check the jumper settings: IRQ is #5.

I've just thrown in:

  setserial /dev/ttyS2 baud_base 115200 irq 5

followed closely by my "ifup ppp0"  ... and ...

I've got my gateway connected almost immediately. The ppp0 interface showed
up with an "ifconfig" and
"netsat -r" reported the new default route.

I've tried downloading a linux boot.img from my favorite ftp mirror site and
got this 1474560 bytes file
in 412 seconds. Pretty good considering the bad phone line I have here at my

------Refered post ends------

Sorry for the long mail but I guess this problem is faced by a multitude of
first time RedHat users and this info deserved to be in the archives.


-- Vipul Mathur
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