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Re: Thanx for the "Virtual" help!

Dear Vinod,

I believe you need this solution for providing POP3 services to users
based on their domain names and some of the user names are clashing
whereas in Linux you can only create one identical user id.

For this in /etc/mail/virtusertable you will have to create a table like

xyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         user1
xyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         user2
xyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         user3

and make the map using the command

makemap hash virtusertable.bd < virtusertable

Now with adduser you will have to create the user accounts user1, user2
and user3 (three different users)

In the /etc/sendmail.cf file you will have to add the entries for alias
host under the Alias option or you can make a seperate sendmail.cw file
for this, see documentation for sendmail.cw, but the easier option will be
to add the following lines to your sendmail.cf file.

Cw virtualdomain1.com
Cw virtualdomain2.com
Cw virtualdomain3.com

Now restart sendmail with the command 

killall -1 sendmail

Now you will see that mail addressed to xyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx going to
the user user1, mail addressed to zyx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx going to user
user2 and so on.  ITS THAT SIMPLE

This will solve your problem.  For the three different users you will have
to give three different user id's and password whereas their email address
will be as you have defined in the virtusertable (that looks identical
apart from the domain name)

Cheers !!

George Joseph

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 17:21:04 
From: vinod abraham <vinodab@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: shibu@xxxxxxx
Subject: Thanx for the "Virtual" help!

Dear Shibu,
Thanx for ur prompt help on virtual hosting in regard to sendmail.
It gave more details than the sendmail.org site.
however i am still not clear as to how the mails for say
    would be segregated as userid is same and "adduser"  may create only one 
account "xyz".
Pls clarify.
Vinod Abraham
DGM Internet services,Enk
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