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Re: explorer help

> downloads the HTML file instead of the attachment .
> I am using IE 5.5 .
This is not a list for IE
Please take your IE problems to Billy! Unless u have got some IE 5.5 for Linux
If u have please provide us the link ;-)
( tho just 4 ur benefit - catch the link and do an ftp to the file link using
one of to GoZillas or GetRights if ur fond of clicking the cat - and if the link points to an html page - well try reading that coz that may provide a link to your d/l file - s'times these d/l links suxxx real badddd) so mebbe u can write off a mail to the webmaster and also post a bug to MSN
Dear ILUG- Delhi - Any other advice for Mr Bansal 
in search of Linux enlightenment