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Installation of RedHat Linux 6.2

hello everyone,
	i have P III 700, Win98 SE , 64 MB RAM, 17 GB hard disk,...
	i want to install linux so i already got my hard drive partitioned. i have
kept about 5GB space for linux as my brother suggested. this 5 GB is
absolutely free and is not recognised by windows. i might upgrade my RAM to
196 MB in a few months, so swap space will be around 400 MB. for the rest my
brother suggested that i keep 3 partions for linux, /, /usr, /home. i am a
bit afraid. that while installing i might over-write windows. please tell me
how can i go about doing it.
	my hard disk currently has 3 partions for windows namely C, D and E
occuping 12 GB space. how do i make sure that it installs on that 5GB left
also i want that it should install both GNOME and KDE workstation, is it
possible? how?
	this is not the only problem, when i boot from the linux redhat 6.2 CD to
install and choose graphical interface it gives "Fatal server error :
Couldn't get memory from gart module and I810_unsupported_gtt not set. i am
not able to read anything else as after about a sec is says ejecting CDROM
rebooting" , so i can not what it said now.  when i choose text mode it
seems to work fine and reach the steps from where the installation starts.
	i also have redhat 6.1 and 6.0 with me. with them there isn't this kind of
problem , they comfortably start in graphical mode. i want to install redhat
6.2, and i am not sure about how to install in text mode, graohical mode
seems quite easy.

thanx in advance

                   Jayant Kumar Gandhi
       ... the devil who dares to defy conventions
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