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Re: LUG has a spammer.

--- "Bhummanjot S. Talwar" <linuxmails@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I'm very sorry to report this but some LUG member is
> a spammer. 

 Dear,Bhummanjot S. Talwar

yes its true and something has to be done about it
immediately or else the world would come to a stop
Have u tried reporting a case of harassment to the
concerned authorities
(eg NASCOM or the local E-thulla).
 Do make sure that YOUR problem reaches to the maximum
no of ppl. For that you can send the mail to some
newsgroups and mailing lists try alt.hackers
alt.animal_husbandry and alt.sex coz they draw good

it always helps to share your grief with others and
you can fwd those 656 mails to me for eg. and if that
is not adequate you can use this list as u normaly do.

and in the process maybe your problem will go away 

just when you think yo've made it idiot proof
someone will breed a better idiot.

I use GNU


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