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Linux Dial Up Server and other services

Hi listers,
I have setup a Linux dial up server. The services available are,
http (multiple virtual domains), pop, web based e-mail,
online chat and discussion board. These have been implemented through php /
DNS is also implemented.
Interested listers can have a go through a dial up connection.
The calling number is 6785325. Name server IP
The client IP will be server assigned.
login: user
password: password
( ppp will start automatically)
(virtual domains available www.dax.net / www.lperl.org / www.lphp.org /
www.cplus.org / www.lmysql.org ) And sorry, theres no internet access coz I
have only I modem, else I would have enabled routing and definitely I cannot
afford a leased line. ;-) mebbe when we get a cable modem I will be able to
give internet access. However, this is just a demonstrator. (coz internet
access is no big deal these days)
Login for web based e-mail
user name: poptest
password: password
Same for pop3 server (using qpopper)( pop server and smtp server IP address though you can also use hostname dax.net)
Sunil Dhaka
if u get a busy tone --- someone is already logged in
if modem does not answer --- kick DVB or have a look at the watch - mebbe
its an unearthly hour ;-)