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Re: Installation Help

Any idea why the lilo cannot sit afer the 1024 cylinder ?

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From: "Khounish Dasgupta" <kshounish@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2000 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Installation Help

> dear vikrant u are in a bit troublebut can be
> recoverable lilo can not sit after 1024 cylinder and i
> think u have come accroos the 1024 cylinders now only
> thing u have do is use fdisk utility and remember the
> partition no. and use the help of loadline.exe at
> windows  . mount cd rom drive and go to dosutils out
> there and copy loadline to c:\
> then boot the linux with floppy and copy the totall 
> /boot directory contents to floppy ans shutdownthe
> sytem next when u go to windows prompmt copy the
> totall boot contents which is there on floppy on c:\
> so u have 
> 10 loadlin.exe and 2) the kernel vmlinuz 
> go to only dos mode not win-dos mode and give the
> command c:>loadlin vmlinuz root=/dev/hda5(where the
> native is mounted while using fdisksay /dev/hda5)
> how to use fdisk
> at booting time choose fdisk
> it will take u to a mode which is cui based first wat
> u do is say p then 2)d then delete the last partiion
> of windows  and then say n and say l and then ur linux
> partion native is ready 
> say p again to see the information      and now u go
> for  linux swap  same previous process and after
> setting up the whole thing
>  say  t 
> (
> to ggle) it will ask some code give 82. 
> i am happy o give u the answer of ur valuable qustion 
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