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Re: [LIH] Request: Seasons Greetings, etc.

Raju Mathur proclaimed:
> Not speaking from any position of authority (I'm not allowed to sign
> my name ``List Admin'' :) , just a request.

I'll make you honorary List Admin for just this post. ;-)

> Please refrain from sending Season's Greeting/Merry
> Christmas/Diwali/Holi/<insert name of your favourite festival here>
> wishes to the whole list.  If you are keen on spreading brotherhood
> and joy, please take the trouble to collect the e-mail addresses of
> individuals whom you feel are appropriate recipients of these
> greetings and send to them in personal mail.

Homer: [hurt] You signed my name?  I feel so violated.
Marge: You've signed my name lots of times!
Homer: But this isn't like a loan application or a will! 
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