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creating a Boot-Disk

Hello Everyone,

I am in an urgent need to create a Linux boot-disk.

I am using Windows and Linux on my machine in dual
boot mode, i.e LILO boot loader is being used to boot
either Windows or Linux.

Now my Windows has crashed due to some registry
problems and it needs re-installation.

Since Windows setup programme will wipe out the MBR of
the harddisk, I'll not be able to boot into Linux.

Now I want to create a boot-disk for Linux, which will
boot the machine into Linux and mount the existing
root filesystem of the Linux partition. This way I can
install Windows and later boot into Linux with that
boot-disk and install LILO back.

I've tried out BootDisk HOWTO doc but it went over my
head, plus I am a newbie in LINUX.

Please help me and suggest me the easiest way to do


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