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installation help


I have
P-2, 266 MHZ
128 MB RAM
I have 2 hard disk
1)First hdd is 4,3 GB having 2 partition of 2.1GB each
   On this HD I have loaded WIN 2000

2)Second HD is 1.2 GB having 2 partition .One is linux swap and other is
linux native.I have succesfully installed linux on this hard disk.I have
also create bootable floopy in which
"lilo" is present.I created this floppy during linux installation in which
there is an option of either booting by floppy or placing lilo on MBR.From
that I have created this bootable floppy for linux.
Problem is that when i tried to boot from this floppy
it doesn't boot and show error "Error:0x100 "
I checked BIOS setting also .All my HDD are detected properly.Linux is also
installed properly.
My linux ver is 6.1

please solve my problem