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Re: A problem with Netscape....


Mozilla 0.6 was released yesterday, and although it is
officially beta, it's sleek, and has better fonts
than netscape 4.x.  Download it from

There is no connection between kppp and netscape,
however netscape 4.x has a dns helper program, which
sometimes hangs when the net connection goes down,
and netscape starts using 100% CPU time afterwards.
Mozilla does'nt has this problem (niether does


--- Vivek Chawla <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There is a problem with the netscape program. I
> think it has lot of memory
> leaks and the program starts hogging a lot of
> memmory if you keep it runnning
> for a long time.
> SO, it is advaisable to close your netscpae window
> every now and then..
> ANd many a times all the netscpae windows dispaaear
> automatically.  
> On Thu, 07 Dec 2000, you wrote:
> Dear All,
> Well I hope a number of users out there use kpp as
> the dialer and Netscape
> as the browser, the same as I do. But, I'm facing a
> problem. As my telephone
> line sometimes starts behaving miserably, my
> connection to the net is not at
> all stable. The problem is when it gets disconnected
> if I've just one
> netscape window open (usually it's 7-8 windows) my
> system beomes very slow.
> So, slow that I cannot even reboot the PC. Once I
> tried to work around by
> killing the Netscape window and it gave some PPPD
> error.
> What the hell is wrong with the system ?  I've
> disabled automatic dialing.
> regards,
> Bhummanjot S.
> Have a nice day :-)
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