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Re: Problem

hi !
congrats !

incase u cant access ur hdd at all....
boot from a win startup floppy with fdisk.exe and sys.com in it...
and give
C:\>  a:\fdisk /mbr
A:\>  sys c:

reboot the puter with hdd.

in ur linux CD...in the dosutils dir.
read the docs for the vmlinuz walli command and type it on the command
(in command prompt only mode)
I dont have a linux cd rite now. or i'd have given u the command here only.

u should be in linux now.
u could always save this command as a bat file to run linux.from dos prompt.

one thing...delete your younger brother from linux.
and lastly....u should wait for a better reply ! I'm generally rong about
linux. :o(

chao !

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> Hi Everybody
> My younger brother have accidently  deleted my master boot record. I
cannot acces my linux files now.Actually there's a partition in my PC with
half of Windows & half of linux,
> Can anybody tell me a way out of it
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