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Re: Possiblity of viewing windows m/c in linux m/c

On 24 Nov 2000, Lokesh Setia wrote:
       THanks for u'r info.Using u'r procedure,i am able to view the
sharename on server.But, when i tried to mount that sharename,it shows
that could not resolve that mount point.

Win m/c name =suba
Share mame =E,C.
When i made ,

smbmount //suba/E /mnt/suba -o username=psuba
Bash message: Could not resolve /suba/E mount point.
Help me,
Thanks and regards,


>>>>> "suba" == P Subashini <psuba@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    suba> Hi everybody, we can view our linux m/c in windows m/c by
    suba> configuring samba server.Similarly under network,is any
    suba> option available to view the windows m/c in linux m/c?
    suba> (like Network Neighbourhood)?

To view a windows machine shared resource, you need to mount it
first using 'smbmount'.  To mount it, you need to know the share name,
which you can find via 'smbclient'.

To see the shares exported by a machine with network name say
'win1' do this:

$ smbclient -L win1 -U _your_username_at_machine_win1
Password: <Enter your password at win1>

(This will show all the exported shares)

To mount this directory under /mnt/win1:
# smbmount //win1/sharename /mnt/win1 -o username=your_username

# cd /mnt/win1
# ls -l
# cd /
# smbumount /mnt/win1           # when you are done using it.

If you feel frustrated this way mounting 50 times per day as I do (My
collegues just keep renaming new versions of code and right klicking
to share it in windows), try LinNeighbourhood.  I think it is
available at http://www.bnro.de/~schmidjo/.  I found this very nifty
and stable for everyday use.  You need to put setuid bit on smbmount
and smbumount if you want to use it as a normal user.

Hope this helps,

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