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Re: Asus CubX

Hi supreet

Yes it was me... I actually changed my motherboard to a CUBX after
evaluating its performance. This is actually still the best solution for
100MHz FSB systems as it is based on the tested and aclaimed IntelBX
chipset. Though some recent features like support for 133MHz FSB and 4xAGP
are missing. CUBX actually outperforms all other motherboards for a PIII
700MHz (100MHz bus) processors.

My problem of booting off ide2 (third ide port) was solved instantly by
pressing F1 when the bios prompts to press F1 or F11 for Win2K. This
actually puts ide2 and ide3 in native IDE mode which even 2.2 kernels
support fully. As for booting off the tertiary master withot having a
primary master, this option can be enabled in the BIOS or just press Escape
during bootup. This will diplay a list of possible boot devices and you can
choose which one to boot!

CUBX rocks! Three cheers to ASUS for a truly wonderful product.

    Supreet Sethi <supreetsethi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > I cam across this motherboard escpecially because of this interesting
    > it has 4 IDE controllers built into it.
    > We are using this for CD rom Rack
    > I think somebody asked a question about
    > I works
    > just download 2.4 kernel install with option shared IRQ for IDE
controler in
    > block devices menu
    > linux rocks
    > I recommend this m/b for users who want low end upgradeble machine
    > lot of expansion slots and very stable


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