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Hi Larry,

Everyone who can mimic ``Linooks'' as Linus says it is more than
welcome to the meet... there is no entrance fee :)

Meetings start approximately 2 hours after the scheduled time and last
forever or until the last cigarette has been smoked, the last coffee
drunk, the last pizza eaten and the last dissenter been bloodily
beaten comatose.

Join the fun :)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Huffman <lgh@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Larry> Hello, I'm a Linux user and Perl developer from the
    Larry> Washington, DC, US area who'll be in Delhi visiting my
    Larry> wife's family over the next three weeks.

    Larry> After subscribing to your list earlier this week, I was
    Larry> delighted to learn that your next meeting is November 26.

    Larry> I hope it's ok for me to attend. Approximately how long do
    Larry> your meetings last?

    Larry> Looking forward to meeting you all!

    Larry> Larry Huffman lgh@xxxxxxxxx