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Re: SAMBA service have error


Some random tips:

Find the problem before you can fix it.  Find the relevant
log file in /var/log/samba (do a "ls -ltr" to find the latest file at
the end of the listing).  See if you can make sense of it.

If you get some "RPC protocol" errors in the NT machines, then you
have the same problem that I had.  Upgrade to Samba 2.0.7 and see that
problem go away.

Also, try this on your Linux box:

$ smbclient -L localhost

Does it show the exported volumes?  If not, then the problem is
certainly not in the NT machines.  Try looking in the logs again.

Did you install any new NT machine recently?  Did you make any of
these machines master browser or domain controller?  Try to remember.

Hope any of these tips help!


>>>>> "Anuj" == Anuj Kumar <Anuj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Anuj> Hello Dear, I have a GNU/Linux server RH 6.0.  I have a
    Anuj> network of NT-Workstation 4.0 machine(clients).

    Anuj> Now problem with SAMBA service.

    Anuj> Previously; the samba services and printer services was
    Anuj> working fine.  Now Immediately some thing happened with the
    Anuj> server and SAMBA services not working.

    Anuj> Now, In my Windowing M/C , Inside the Network Neighborhood,
    Anuj> I can see the Icon of the server.  If I click icon then an
    Anuj> error message come "\\Linuxserver is not accessible, The
    Anuj> network path was not found".

    Anuj> I have restart the server also, but no result.  How can
    Anuj> solve my problem. How can again start SAMBA services.

    Anuj> Regards, Anuj