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Hi Parag,

Taking into consideration that you are trying to install on an existing primary
Windoze partition. This could be because of many reasons. One could be because
of too large a primary partition of windoze ie great that 1024 cylinder
(cylinder not MB). Try to reduce the size of your primary if this is the case.
Or maybe you have too many logical partitions in your extended partition. The
solution is that you make only one logical partition in your extended one. And
obviously make a /boot partition on appro 20 MB at the startin of Linux
partition if required.

Hope this helps.

Goldwyn :o)

> Please help me , i tried to install RED Hat LINUX
> 6.2 , i successfully made the LINUX SWAP partition but
> gave the error message on making the LINUX NATIVE
> partition it says "TOO LARGE BOOT PARTITION " .
>    Please help me to rectify this problem .
> Parag Bansal