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Relocatable Packages (Was: No subject)

Hi Goldwyn,

Most GNU software after compiling are not relocatable.  They rely on
files which are present in the path that you gave to "--prefix" while
compiling them.  Their corresponding binary RPM's are thus also not

However, some documentation and data file rpm packages are relocatable.

To install from a relocatable package, you give:
# rpm -ivh --prefix=<dir> <package>

On a Redhat 7.0 system, the file "/usr/share/doc/rpm-4.0/relocatable"
will give you more info about relocatable packages.

Lokesh Setia.

>>>>> "Goldwyn" == Goldwyn Rodrigues <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Goldwyn> I am using RH Linux 6.2.  IS it possible to install a
    Goldwyn> package on a particular user-defined partition with a
    Goldwyn> user-defined path.  Like I have made an partition - appl
    Goldwyn> which is quite un-unsed. How do I install packages on
    Goldwyn> that partition.

    Goldwyn> Do I use RPM -- prefix <path>??

    Goldwyn> It says <path> not locatable...... I tried installing
    Goldwyn> MySQL with this and it said MySQL unlocatable. Without
    Goldwyn> the option it works fine.

    Goldwyn> This question is from an Amatuer... u might have guessed
    Goldwyn> from the question itself.

    Goldwyn> Thanx in advance.

    Goldwyn>  -- Goldwyn :o)