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My analysis on dual boot for big HDD

on a disk... dont make more than 1 primary prt.
> make that partition for say win.(10gb)

you see Neil that was the real problem, I made a 10 GB partition for win and
the LILO won't add the dos (or win) image. The reason was that my 20 GB has
2481 cylinders and 10 GB accounted to somewhere around 1240. RH Linux 6.2
does'nt support a boot image for a partition greater that 1024 cylinder (And
I was very stupid to ignore the error message). I posted the prob and then
realized the prob. however I have now 1 chunk of primary partition of 7 GB
for win and the rest for Linux. Later came another solution where PAnkaj
Chugh told me to make a primary (less that 1024 cylinder) an extended of as
big as you please and only one logical drive in the extended one. Too Late
for me but the present partitioning is satisfactory.

Thanx for the help guys......

Goldwyn :o)