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A good Singapoer or China based proxy server.


Does anybody know of a Singapore based proxy server. I had access to a
couple of them, but lately they have walled access to that port. The proxy
was accessible through the VSNL gateway down sout
 bmlvsb-vsb-2mb-i.Bbone.vsnl.net.in ) and not through the VSNL - Pennant Pt,
ON, Canada Uplink. Which made access to the Chinese and Korean sites quiet
fast, even d/l speeds where very fast.

Try pinging to any of the russian or chinese servers without using any proxy
and then using a Singapore based proxy and you'll see the remarkable

Currently, if a VSNL Delhi (for others I'm not sure) user is not using any
proxy the data packets for the russian/chinese or in that case even the
indian MTNL site or NICnet site travel a full stretch around the globe. They
first go to Canada from India and then after passing thru a couple of
networks thein they come the Asian networks and after passing thru a couple
of them reach the desired destination. Just pur the entire picture ont he
globe an you'll see the data packets travel one full stretch.
But, when I was using the Singapore proxy the data packets to the chinese
servers used to traverse like this, from Delhi VSNL backbone to the
Bangalore backbone and then from their to the Singapore Proxy and from their
to the chinese network. A lot simpler to reach the chinese sites and a fster
method too. Less packet drops thru the small network chaining.

Does anyone from an ISP on this list help me out, esp. the VSNL guys.


Bhummanjot S.

Have a nice day :-)