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Re: geoboy (fwd)

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Have you seen Visualroute for Linux?? It's something similar ... java
based but unfortunately it costs dear money ... :( ...you can download the
trial version though ...really worth a look ...

- - Sandip

P.S. And why the hell is the reply address to your mail wrong??? I had to
send this mail twice

On Sat, 4 Nov 2000 neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> well..
> 	have any of u ever read/used/heard about geoboy?
> its a win software that can trace the path ur data takes
> geographically.. and plot it on the map(3D) of the world..
> just like in those lovely 007 movies, boys and girls...
> what i am trying to find is something like that for linux...
> does any1 know of any such software???
> even if u dont... can any of u sysadmins out there tell me whether i can
> get hold of gographical locations from the local
> dns??? theoretically.. they keep information about every IP.
> and then... using traceroute... probably i cud quickly write such a
> program...
> Neil.
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