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Re: Address Book Woes

Hi Dear
if your Linux system is able to boot then try to mount the windows partition

like mount /dev/hdxy /mnt/win
here x is the id of HDD
a for primary master
b for primary slave
c for secondary master and
d for secondary slave
y is the partion number
all this thing you can now by running fdisk command and getting print of
partition table

then locate your files in your case i.e. wab.exe
and copy this file to your linux partition
mangae your windows partition then again copy this file from linux to Win


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Subject: [linux-delhi] Address Book Woes

>  HI All
>  Despite being a Linux user, I have always used windows for sending mails
and maintaining addresses. Now, my windows system has crashed and I am
afraid I might have to format the system. I would like to know if it is
possible to import the address book from Outlok Express to Linux.
>  Please reply to nipun_mehra@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>  Bye
>  Nipun
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