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Re: Corel Linux Distro.Wanted

Dear Gurvinder

I would recommend that you stick to Redhat 6x for Linux Server or
workstations. I tried out the Corel distribution on a recent issue of chip.
It installed after a lot of hassles, and wasn't very customisable. If you
still are very keen maybe GT enterprises at gtcdrom@xxxxxxxx can send you a
copy. Also check out reviews on recent issues of PCQUEST.

Vivek Sharma
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Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 8:46 AM
Subject: [linux-delhi] Corel Linux Distro.Wanted

> Hi,
> Does somebody know where I can find Corel Linux 2 in Delhi. I have
> tried at Nehru Place but since it is not popular they don't have it. I
> need it for mass installation. Any help will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks
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