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Volunteers for developing applications

A few days back there was a posting requesting volunteers for developing
applications by Vivek Sharma.
I took the opportunity to meet up with him and have a look at the
software developed by his company WonderSoft Solutions Ltd.
The facilities available were quite conducive for having a hands on
experience on networked systems. The lab had a nicely configured network
of about 15 linux boxes. The applications developed were Ischool 2000
and Ioffice.
Most of us have learnt or are learning Linux deployment on the single
box which has its limitations when it comes to working on networked
solutions. Well, here is an opportunity which calls for building
Scratching backs and win -- win situations --- :-)
I dont think many companies would risk working with volunteers.
Neways Vivek welcomes all you  perl/mysql/php/jsp wannabes. Contact him
at vivek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 91-11-6091061
Sunil Dhaka
In quest of Linux enlightenment!