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What does the following command display?

     telnet 0 110

If it doesn't give you a POP3 prompt, check /var/log/messages  for
error messages from inetd.

I don't know Qpopper, but I very much doubt if it needs any special IP
to work.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sunil" == Sunil Dhaka <lindel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sunil> I got Qpopper going on a LAN but on a standalone ( using
    Sunil> pop and smtp server addresses of I am not able
    Sunil> to run Qpopper (Checked through login by two different
    Sunil> users) . Is localhost IP the problem area, ie Qpopper needs
    Sunil> a valid IP other than localhost?  Regards, -- Sunil Dhaka
    Sunil> In quest of Linux enlightenment!