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Fw: Re: A request....

Hey, it's Diwali, time for a good flamefest... who needs lamps when we
have a mailing list? :-)

Stay cool, dudes!

BTW, Happy Diwali.  May you achive all that you set your heart on this


-- Raju

>>>>> "neil" == neil  <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    neil> ----- Original Message ----- From: neil
    neil> <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: <pankaj@xxxxxxx> Sent: Wednesday,
    neil> October 25, 2000 3:53 PM Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Re: A
    neil> request....

    >> > > I'm sorry that you feel that you didn't get any help on the
    >> list.  > > There were a couple of messages, but I think you'd
    >> unsubscribed by > > then.  Too bad.  > well i think hw was one
    >> of those "only for the free* linux > joy ride" kinda person
    >> thats why no one helped him.  > tellin ppl that ur doin JDBC
    >> MCSW XFET and shit won't make you hit on > the list in one day.
    >> well that is not for u to decide or comment about buddy... i
    >> feel that anything u study cannot be a waste. MCSE etcetc may
    >> not be on the priority list for u, but then that doesnot mean
    >> that it is shit. it is more than
    neil> what
    >> u can comprehend for at least a couple of years... aslo... i
    >> dont think
    neil> that
    >> it is good policy to be so rude to people no matter what the
    >> reason(in
    neil> this
    >> case.. i dont get it??).. u dont project urself as cool... just
    >> an asshole...  Neil PS: its fine btw friends but this poor chap
    >> felt really bad.

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