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Area wise subdivision

Hi Raju,
            Could you consider the following in view of the large distances
involved in Delhi:-
Having informal subdivisions of ILUG - Delhi for the purpose of more
frequent interaction amongst users based on geographical location ( e.g.
North / South / East /West). Sometimes, mail queries don't help as the
person who needs help doesn't know how to frame his query and is unable to
express himself.
    There used to be a list of list members with addressses and phone
numbers earlier, but on the new http://www.linux-delhi.org site its not
there. Could we have it back please.
    Having a member section listing names of members with a link to a single
page (for starters) to each member on the website. This may be centrally
controlled with the members sending their page by e-mail  or any other
interface as decided by the INTERPID. The Intrepid may decide on the rules
governing the content of the web page.
    Having a discussion forum ( boardhost ).

Sunil Dhaka