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Re: Is there a way to run HSP modems on Linux

Hi Prashant,
                      You wrote
> I thought I'll surely have to get a new modem but linmodems.org gives some

Goto http://www.o2.net/~gromitkc/winmodem.html
There is a link to this site on linmodems.org too.
This site has a database of modems which currently can run with Linux. It
also allows you to submit new entries etc. And provides drivers for many
linmodem chipsets like PCTel, Lucent, Rockwell, Connexant etc. which are
linmodems or HSP or HCF modems or software modems or PCI slot internal

Basically Linux has problems with
a) software internal modems or HSP(Host Signal Processor) or HCF or
controllerless     or host controlled;
b) internal modems that go into the PCI slot in the motherboard;
c) Rockwell RPI;
d) MWave or DSP modems.

 It also provides lot of documentation regarding this issue. Also you can
find a Linmodem-HOWTO at the following URL :

Also read the Linux Modem HOWTO.