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Re: Is there a way to run HSP modems on Linux

Thanks for correcting me on that.

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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Is there a way to run HSP modems on Linux

you are wrong!!! linux does not support most of the winmodems, other
internal modems, which are true modems are supported in linux! also u might
like to go to this site: http://www.linmodems.org

> Forgive me if I'm wrong. But I think I remember reading this at some Linux
> web site. They said that at present Linux does not support any Internal
> Modem.
>> I'm a new Linux user and have RH 6.2 running on my machine. Being unable
>> install my modem on Linux I searched on the web and on a couple of site
>> found information that HSP modems run only on Windows.
>> My modem is an internal DAX 56K HSP Micromodem.
>> Is there any way in which I can use my modem on Linux?

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