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A web server across Int'l waters

Hi! I am doing my undergrad in US right now and plan to visit India in the 
winter hols.

I have a machine set up in India and I want to use it as a server, to which I 
can telnet from here (mainly to run a web server).

Specs: Its a 350 MHz AMD K-II, 10.3 Gigs, 64 MB RAM machine. Right now I have 
Red Hat 6.1 with me.

1)Would it be a good idea to install it on the machine? 2)or would some other 
distro be better suited for this purpose? 3)and what kind of "simple-to-use" 
web server do you suggest I run on it i.e Apache or Zope or nething else? 
4)Also what all "tools" would be needed to do all this?
5)And the most imp. thing how do I go about getting a static-ip for my machine 
and round about what would it cost me?

I am asking all this 'cos when I go back in the winter break I plan on 
carrying all of this stuff with me as it is a bit hard to get hold of back 

Thanx in advance for ne help.

- Kunal

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