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minutes of sept meet

As we all know we tend to meet every month or two. We thought of doing so on
15th at Sarai. In the morning 12 something I reached Sarai and finalised color
of table top and cupboards. Then there was a long period of just doing
nothing. First one to arrive at the place was Jaswinder. Then few more
people arrived, I particularly remember a guy whom I saw for the first time. 
I don't remember his name. I am really bad at remembering things. we thought
nobody is going to come due to cricket match. But by 3 lot of people arrived
and 20 25 odd poeple had gather and there was no agenda of the meeting. So I
was asked to finish my presentation on TeX which I did, I think half the
people won't be able to remember that part of the meet. Then Babu
enlightened us with high funda talk about netfilter. Large part of
presentation went above my head. What I do remember is that 2 guys from
telecommuncation background and one khalsa guy had a loud but plesent
discussion or debate , I don't know for sure,with Babu. The crowd disperesed
into groups of indivdual following there subject of interest. I also
presented Greenstone which is a Digital library Database system which is
particularly useful for web based media rich presentation. 

Meeting cam to and end and everybody went whom. 

Pls edit this text and resend this on list if I missed something


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