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Re: Floppy Handling??

First of all make filesystem by mke2fs command.
After that you can use the floppy with ext2
Regards and bye.

--- Goldwyn Rodrigues <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am sorry for repeating this mail but I can't help
> it. You can know the
> severity of the prob by this. I tried to look in
> good books but failed to
> get the answer.
> Hi Guys,
> This is about floppy handling. I have formatted a
> floppy using fdformat
> /dev/fd0H1440.
> This is a low level format and has no file system.
> Now how do I mount this floppy?
> I tried to mount it with a ext2 file type but
> could'nt. I used mount -t ext2
> /dev/fd0H1440 /mnt/floppy
> Okay and how do I further copy information on it (if
> it is something special
> other that cp, cpio..) and extract info from it
> And finally how do you make a bootable floppy disk??
> Thanx for the help in advance.
> Thanx for the networking help by Vikas.
> Goldwyn :o)
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