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RE: [Re: Problems with depmod]

Title: RE: [Re: [linux-delhi] Problems with depmod]

If you recompiled your Kernel, and removed some modules then you would get this "unresolved symbols "error.

Thing is when u recompile a new kernel and do a "make modules" followed by a make "modules_install". the new module just get added to the directory where the  Linux kernel stores all the modules ( I forgot the directory name, you can find the name of the directory by looking at the last "leaving directory...." after the make modules_install.) The existing modules do not get deleted which cause the "unresolved symbols" to appear.

The workaround for this is...  Delete all the content in the modules directory, and then do a make modules, make modules_install.

This will take care off the "Unresoved symbols" error.



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Yep there was the source file in the /lib.../net directoy
Now it is not giving the error "Non EPL file"
But now it shows an error
"Unresolved symbols in module .................."
The unresolved symbols r
Plz help
Ajitpal Singh
Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hey, did you leave the C source code in the modules/net directory...??any
non-module file will cause such a "Not an ELF file message"...
- Sandip

Sandip Bhattacharya
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