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Processor info

Hi Folks,
I am running a Dell Server 6350, a Pentium Xeon m/c. RH 6.2 kernel
2.2.14-5.0smp is installed on it.

This means the that the m/c is capable of running more than one
processor, can I find out through Linux, how many processors I have, I
don't want to reboot the m/c.

Also I want to upgrade the kernel to 2.2.16-3 available at the RedHat
site, so if I downlaod the kernel-smp 2.2.16-3 and do rpm -Uvh , does
that mean i have  have upgraded my kernel with the same parameters as
that of the previous kernel, (since I have changed SHMMAX for oracle and
recompiled the kernel), and then change the lilo.conf, run lilo and
reboot the m/c, is that all I have to do OR
Download the kernel source and then compile from scratch.

Here which RPMS do I have to use i686 or i586 or i386, I believe that it
has to be i686, am I right???

All help appreciated


Sanvir Singh Jham			
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