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Migrating Linux users (NIS) to Windows 2000

I am using Linux RH6.1 for 160 users. We now have a Win2k server, to which 
we want to migrate all Linux accounts, and keep all passwords synchronised 
between Linux and Win2k Active Directory. I have MS Services for UNIX 2.0 

I have setup NIS and NFS on the Linux server as required by SFU2.0. I am 
stuck at the MS Wizard question "Specify the location of the UNIX NIS map 
source files". To me it appears that it should be "/var/yp" or 
"/var/yp/mycompany.co.in" on my Linux box. I tried both and failed. 

On reading SFU2.0 documentation, I find that NIS databases are to be in 
dbm format, however, the files on my Linux box are having *.db extension. 
I renamed them to *.dbm and failed. On reading NIS documentation, I found 
that there is a "ASCII to DBM convertor", but I am unable to locate this 

There was another option of user mapping, which had a button, 
"List all UNIX users", pressing which succesfully retrieved all but the 
latest user on Linux. Which file did it read?? 

Any idea, how to proceed?? 

Anand Shankar