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Networking Help

Dear Friends,

Please help on how to setup networking.

Well the problem is like this. I installed a server on a P-III which has a
RTL8139 network card with the IP address It was able to ping
to itself successfully.

Now when I setup clients or KDE workstations, the setup din't ask me
anything about the server. Moreover I tried to config the netwrok first thru
netconfig it din't work..... said segmentation fault corer dumped. Finally
tried netconf and tried to put in a new IP address. Then finally tried to
ping to itself IT gave the error - Network unreachable. and thus cud not
ping to the server too. The workstations have a NE2000 compatible LAN card
as it shows in Windows.

Please help me setup a proper network (for text commands only also wud be
enough). Even dumb terminals wud do. Tell me the procedure if required right
from start. And most of all shud be  able to communicate thru each other.

Thanx in advance

Goldwyn :o)