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It's a joke.

>>>>> "Nitin" == Nitin Chandra <nitin_chandra@xxxxxxx> writes:

    Nitin> Can some body find out more on these guys?
    Nitin> http://www.mslinux.org/ Registrant: SUID Productions
    Nitin> (MSLINUX2-DOM) 301 N. Market St.  Dallas, TX 75202 US

    Nitin>               Domain Name: MSLINUX.ORG

    Nitin>               Administrative Contact, Technical Contact,
    Nitin> Zone Contact, Billing Contact: Sysop (SYS8-ORG)
    Nitin> root@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Milliways Internet 5601 Santa Fe Trail
    Nitin> Watauga, TX 76148 US 817-485-8841

    Nitin>               Record last updated on 02-Apr-1999.  Record
    Nitin> expires on 02-Apr-2001.  Record created on 02-Apr-1999.
    Nitin> Database last updated on 14-Sep-2000 16:05:32 EDT.

    Nitin>               Domain servers in listed order:

    Nitin>               NS1.MILLIWAYS.NET

    Nitin> regards

    Nitin> Nitin Chandra

    Nitin> ____________________________________________________________________
    Nitin> Get free email and a permanent address at
    Nitin> http://www.netaddress.com/?N=1

    Nitin> ------------------------------------------------ An alpha
    Nitin> version of a web based tool to manage your subscription
    Nitin> with this mailing list is at
    Nitin> http://lists.linux-india.org/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr