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Re: Re: macros

r u taking about symbol table. why would a compiler put it there when we don't need macros after 
lexical analysis phase. 

At 9/17/00 8:22:00 PM, you wrote:
>Whenever you compile a C program the compiler generates a table where all
>the refernces of all macros are kept. so when you use MIN in your program it
>first refers to MAX. The MAX refers to MIN which in turn points to 10.
>Goldwyn :o)
>  hi
>  i wanna know about the working of preprocessors when dealing with macros
>in C.
>  suppose i have a macro within a macro. say
>  #define MAX  MIN
>  #define MIN 10
>  if i now write MAX some where in my code. 10 is substituted for it. i
>wanna know whether first MIN is
>  substituted in place of MAX and the subsititution scanned again with 10
>substituted for MIN. or directly 10
>  is substituted for MAX with some earlier processing some where.

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